We chose the string "Aurumcoin(AU)", to differentiate ourselves unmistakable from other institutions or coins. Since our string wasn't unique yet, confusions occured and it was easy for free riders to abuse our interests. Because of this we request everyone, to use the string "Aurumcoin(AU)" when speaking about our coin.

Despite all problems and false reports about Aurumcoin(AU), we always advanced this project and created a coin, which has, because of it's solid blockchain and the small number of total coins, the potential to become one of the real big coins one day. The Aurumcoin(AU) community doesn't want this project to be just for fast money, but to be a slowly, but always growing financial investment. Because of this we are searching people who share our goals, not to get fast money, but to have a secure and stable way to invest money, to fulfill a dream in a few years. Of course we always appreciate suggestions and are searching for people, developers, designers, firms and banks, who share our vision.